Tips to find a good online date

Dating is an essential part of today’s world. Nobody wants to stay alone and single for a really long time. It’s refreshing and good to stay single but for a short period of time. But in a busy world, nobody has time to roam and meet people. Online dating is a good option for busy single people.  is filled with a lot of options and saves time. But in this deep sea of profiles, you can get lost if you are not careful when choosing a suitable partner. Here are some tips that help you to learn the right way of dating online.

The right app

It is an essential stop to choosing a writer where there is plenty of option available in the market with a different purpose, for example, some apps are attracting a crowd that is interested in hookups while other are attracting long-term relationship or some are there just for casual sex. When choosing any app you need to determine your purpose and the vibe you expect from that particular app. It helps to determine your priorities regarding dating right at the moment.

Differences in chemistry

While you get excited when you match anybody online and start sending a cute text which might sound like a rom-com movie, be prepared to face the truth that real-life chemistry and online chemistry have barely any correlation. You are interacting with that person online and they are showing you the things that they wish but in real life when you live or meet with that person you can see a different side which can shatter your expectations. So don’t go blind to what is seen but if you think that the vibes are matching and you should see them in real life.

Seeing is believing

There are a lot of cases of fraud and catphissing found in online dating. The idea of a phone call might sound worrisome to introverted millennials. Prevention is better than cures so even a 3-minute awkward video call is better than wasting your hours on a real-life date. This quick video chat will help you to determine if they are a real person as you see in photos or somebody who is doing fraud. Make sure you are not sounding like a creep or a fraud while asking for a video chat.

Stop making assumptions

There are a lot of profiles which do not look good but making assumptions on the basis of profile might miss a good match. Even if your BFF is saying otherwise, trust your gut and talk to that bad profile person, maybe they are your true match. According to psychologists, the people who are bad at branding themselves turn out to have great dates than a person who has a curated online dating performa.


Online or offline any date required to match your vibes, your gut feeling and your emotions. Learn some tips before you start online dating as it has some digital curtains between two people