Top 3 best ways to perform oral sex

Top 3 best ways to perform oral sex - bisexual porn

Have you been thinking of how to spice your relationship, and you can’t seem to get the hang of it? Here’s one of the ways to spice your relationship; with oral sex. If you have been giving oral sex and your partner doesn’t seem to enjoy it, you might have been doing it the wrong way. One of the best ways to learn how to give great oral sex is on bisexual porn videos. You can learn several tips from consuming the right quantity of porn videos online. 

However, here are some of the top 3 best ways to perform great oral sex. 

  • Don’t be too mature to add more spit:

Before having oral sex, you should be prepared to get nasty. There’s no way you want to enjoy or spice your oral sex game without involving spit. So, don’t be too mature to add extra spit. If you truly want your partner to enjoy oral sex compared to the ones you’ve been giving in the past, you need to do some things differently. One of those things is being nasty and messy with extra spit. 

  • Maintain eye contact as much as possible:

Here’s one of the ways to keep your partner interested when having oral sex. You don’t have to worry about staring at your partner in the eye. You just have to keep eye contact. Doing this will help them stay focused on you and might make orgasm faster. Maintaining eye contact also helps you know if you are doing it the right way. Once you are doing it right, you can see the vulnerability in their eyes, which mostly is a green light. If you’ve been having oral sex with your eyes closed or your eyes away from your partner’s, it’s about time you changed and keep your eyes locked on them. 

  • Watch bisexual porn videos online:

As mentioned above, one of the best places to learn how to have great oral sex is by watching bisexual porn. Irrespective of the type of relationship, oral sex is one of those sexual practices that are never wrong. Your partner might be less interested or say no to anal sex or vaginal penetration. No one says no to a nice kiss either on the lips, on the clit, or the shaft of the penis. So, ensure you watch bisexual porn and learn various forms of giving oral sex. There are, however, different types of oral sex, which could range from deep throat to blowjobs, etc. 

Don’t be deceived; there’s nothing unethical about oral sex. If that works for your relationship and your partner is okay with it, you should have it as many times as possible. However, you should not just have oral sex because you want to please your partner, have it because you enjoy it. When you enjoy it, it helps you do it the right way. Having oral sex when the other partner doesn’t enjoy it is synonymous with not having it.