The Science of Morning Sex

For many people, sex is a part of nighttime. In the morning, they hardly have time to wake up, brush their teeth, make breakfast, and get ready for the office. Sex in the morning is not a common thing in a busy life schedule. 

But, according to science, morning sex is beneficial in many ways for both men and women. Whether you are solo or having a partner, sex in the morning can offer amazing physiological benefits too. In simple words, sex in the morning just hits different. It’s fun, energetic, and spontaneous. 

Let’s find out more logic behind the science of morning sex!

Arousal May Come More Naturally

According to many gynaecologists and sexologists, dopamine, a happy hormone, can benefit morning sex. When you follow a proper sleep cycle, then this hormone is at its highest levels in the morning, which may facilitate natural arousal.

In addition to this, many other sex hormones are more active in the morning. Both males and females have higher levels of testosterone and estrogen levels, respectively, in the morning. During this time, the vulvas of females experience an increase in blood flow while penises produce testosterone, which results in great arousal. 

It Gives an Amazing Energy

A morning routine that is well set can make your day perfect and lead to better sleep as well. It is because the brain gets used to behaving according to a routine every day. The best part is that if you add sex as the first thing in your morning routine, you will feel more motivated and energetic for day activities. 

We can say that sex actually acts as a reward system to jump-start a day and for getting a good sleep at night. So, having sex in the morning is not a bad idea. If you feel to have sex, but your partner is in no mood, you can try a silicone sex doll. In this way, you won’t cheat on your partner and can fulfil all your morning sexual desires. 

Morning Sex Relieves Stress

These days almost everyone is suffering from some kind of stress. People live a very busy life that is full of stress and anxiety. The worst part is that the stress not only affects your health but also affects your relationship with your partner. So, it is better to keep stress at bay with morning sex. 

Sexual intercourse and foreplay help relieve stress, and it is a great option to start a day. Further, the loving touch of a partner helps to reduce stress hormone levels and make you feel happy as well as relaxed throughout the day.  

Boosts Your Mood and Immune System

Endorphins are a chemical that gets released into the body when you have sex in the morning. And, when it gets released into our body, we feel happy as it uplifts the mood early in the morning. So, when you reach the climax in the morning, you will feel amazing and stress-free at the same time. 

In addition to this, morning sex with a partner or silicone sex doll can also boost immunity by activating the body’s defence system against viruses. To live your fantasies of morning sex, you can invest in sex dolls and buy them from online stores like

You Will Get Glowing Skin  

Early morning sex with your love of life or better half can set you up in a good mood for the rest of the day. It also gives you a fresh glow and helps reduce acne that you may get due to stress. The morning sex increases the blood circulation that enables you to bring healthy and glowing skin. 

Furthermore, it helps release oxytocin, beta-endorphins, and other anti-inflammatory molecules. All this can make you look younger and more beautiful. So, ladies, never miss a chance to enjoy the morning sex!

How to Make Morning Sex Happen? 

Like anything else, morning sex is also a need of the body from time to time. You can set a daily time for it as your other things in the day. If you and your partner both have tight schedules, then you can fix a time to have sex in the morning. Here are some tips for you:

Don’t wait until you’re in the mood

If you expect that you wake up totally aroused, then you are making a mistake. So, instead of waiting for the mood proactively in the mood of sex in the morning.

Wake up your partner with a sensual massage

Just like with any kind of sex, you can give a sensual massage to your partner’s intimate parts to wake him/her in the morning. Waking up with a sexy touch can make you feel good and happy throughout the day. It also turns on your partner, and you can enjoy morning sex with amazing moves. 

You can give a morning massage to the penis of your male partner to turn him on for sex. Or you can play with the boobs of your lady love to wake her up in the morning and to turn her on for sex. 

Make it a quickie

There are days when you both want to have morning sex. It can be a holiday or a weekend. So, whenever you both feel for sex, do not wait and make it quick. Also, in case you want to make morning sex your routine, then also it should be quick. 

Practice with silicone Sex Doll

In case you want to have morning sex, but your partner is not feeling well, then take advantage of sex dolls. You can buy a premium quality love doll from stores like These silicone sex dolls can help you with any sexual position and never say no to you, whether it is morning or night. You can shop from a wide range of sex dolls to live your fantasies and fulfil all your sexual desires. 

Morning sex is great fun and healthy for the body too. So, have morning sex with your partner whenever you want.